We listen to understand. Then make it happen

There’s nothing that beats experience, and that is the adage Secret Earth lives by. We strive to provide you with the best planning experience and helping to explore with ultimate ease. We listen to you, to understand exactly what you want your trip to be and then intricately formulate the perfect itinerary that matches both your budget and tastes.

We are committed to show you the attractions and beyond the attractions, so that you take back endearing memories that will stay with you forever.

Why Secret Earth

We are at a constant commitment to help you make the most of your travels, and that’s where our highly-experienced specialists come in. Wanderlusts themselves, our specialists travel extensively to curate new and un-googelable experiences for you which are high on emotion and low on impact.

We work extensively towards providing you with immersive travel and opportunities to truly experience the soul of the region.

How we work

Share your interests and expectation from your travel, our speciality will provide you with vibrant adjustments until you’re satisfied and then handcraft a your personalised itinerary based on what you want.

Once your itinerary is finalised we’ll then make necessary reservation and logistics for you to have a seamless travel experience at every step of the way.

Whether you choose to travel with accompanying guide or decided to independently explore the region, you can be assured our on ground team is available 24X7 to handle the unexpected.

Our advisors
Delivering outstanding personal service, uncompromising standards for quality and genuine care for you are minimum requirements to be Secret Earth advisor. With incomparable expertise and a passion for authentic discovery, our advisor will give you genuine advice and share the irresistible love of their destination. Wedded to this is a deep understanding of the practical considerations of your visit they’ll make the most seemingly complicated travel unique to you and least prone to surprises.

Watch our short video to learn more about us:

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Corporate Information

Ownership: Private | Employees: 140 | Founded: 2004

Corporate Entities / Headquarters:

Secretearth India

Secretearth USA

Secretearth UK

Secretearth Nepal

Secretearth Sri-Lanka

Secretearth Travels is owned by Travelopia Holdings Limited, and is part of the Travelopia portfolio of specialist travel companies.

Why travel with us?
  • Private, Flexible, Personalized
  • Authentic, Safe, Local
  • Financial Security, 24/7 Support
Over 40,000 Guests

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